How to Flirt with Women for Beginners

Knowing how to reach out and make a positive connection with a woman in your life is an indispensable tool for crafting a satisfying relationship built on mutual respect and attraction. Obviously, confidence is the primary ingredient in successful flirting but it can be a moot point while struggling with the fancy footwork and dynamics of the basic courtship ritual.

Nevertheless, by considering the following facts on effective and accurate flirting, your proficiency as a novice flirt will increase dramatically and carry your confidence with it. So, if you are having trouble breaking the ice and making a strong connection here are some pointers about this essential human ritual that can widen your options of approach and improve your efficacy in this important skill.

1. Choose your objectives carefully

Much time and efforts can be wasted in efforts that are fruitless. The first fact to remember is that some women are simply not interested. Recognizing the chance for a connection is the most important part of flirting because it will be your cue to act. So don’t even bother with the girl who is giving you the cold shoulder and seems occupied with her business.

Be on the lookout for the lady who is making eye contact, smiling and generally sending positive vibes in your direction. Remember that this is a highly subjective point but recognizing when the other side has given that positive green light for flirting will increase your success rate considerably.

2. Keep It Playful and Fun

There are exceptions, but being the light and fun element in her day is a terrific way of getting attention. Flirting that is measured with plenty of playful encounters and light interactions is the best sort because it leaves you open to the world of opportunities as they play out. The more comfortable and relaxed the girl feels around you the better your chances of taking the relationship further along its course and even affecting the direction.

3. Master Nonverbal Communications

So much of successful flirting will be an exchange of nonverbal communication. While this may sound cryptic and arcane it is actually very intuitive and natural. It begins with smiles, eye contact and body language and then escalates to physical exchanges.

Begin with a very light touch on the hand, arm or upper back at an appropriate moment. If she approves of being touched and even reciprocates the touch by touching you back, this is a sign that your connection is improving. Mastering confident and appropriate nonvrbal communication in the flirting stage is an important part of building a good relationship. It tells her you are ready to understand what she means beyond what she says, and this increases trust levels between you.

4. Play it Cool

Playing it cool is the absolute worst way to try and get positive attention when beginning to flirt. Nevertheless, adding a healthy sprinkling of cool after you have let her know unequivocally that you are interested in her will allow you to communicate an important message “I like you, but I am not desperate.” This is also important for your own game plan and will allow you to evaluate what you have created since you have started flirting.

You may be able to gauge her level of interest in the flirting by how soon she begins to look for you. Stepping back from the process will grant your perspective and allow you to choose your next move from an enlightened position. But, be prepared with a warm response should you choose to continue, it would be a shame to drop the ball here.