Sample Op-Ed for STD Awareness Month

To help you bring attention to STD Awareness Month in your area, NCSD has composed a sample op-ed for use in your state, city, or territory. This op-ed focuses on the roles that all these different groups (educators, parents, youth advocates, HIV/AIDS organizations, physicians, legislators, health departments, and researchers) have to play in STD Prevention. This piece is written so it can be published throughout the month. Please feel free to utilize the piece and submit it to a newspaper in your state. You will find highlighted sections throughout the piece for you to personalize for your locality. Making this piece applicable to your locality will increase the likelihood the op-ed will get printed. Feel free to edit the piece as needed and to reach out to us for assistance.

  • Content Type: Op-ed
  • Topic: All STDs
  • Language: English
  • Keywords: STD awareness month,
  • Target Audiences:
    • Race: Any Race
    • Age: Any Age
    • Gender: Any Gender
    • Other: None
  • Date Produced/Published: Apr 05, 2013
  • Download: Word document (19.6 KB)