Gonorrhea Patient Education Fact Sheet - En Espanol

Gonorrhea Patient Education Fact Sheet for individuals who tested positive, customizable for provider groups. They were developed as part of the InTOUCH CT/GC Retesting Improvement Study and include all the most up-to-date messages around treatment, partner treatment and retesting.

  • Content Type: Fact Sheet
  • Topic: Gonorrhea
  • Language: English
  • Keywords: gonorrhea, gonorrhea patient, awareness, factsheet, InTOUCH CT/GC Retesting Improvement Study, provider, spanish
  • Target Audiences:
    • Race: Any Race
    • Age: Any Age
    • Gender: Any Gender
    • Other: Gonorrhea patient
  • Date Produced/Published: Mar 19, 2014
  • Download: PDF (160 KB)